Tim McGraw Announces Concert Event Benefitting Sandy Hook Non-Profit Read More: Tim McGraw to Play a Concert Benefitting Sandy Hook


Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw has announced a concert benefitting Sandy Hook Promise, set for this summer in in Hartford, Connecticut.

All proceeds will go to the non-profit organization, which was founded by family members who lost loved ones in the heartbreaking mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The organization exists to protect children from gun violence by implementing mental health and gun safety programs.

“Out of this tragedy a group was formed that made a promise to honor the lives lost and turn it into a moment of transformation,” McGraw says. “Sandy Hook Promise teaches that we can do something to protect our children from gun violence. I want to be a part of that promise — as a father and as a friend.”

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The Music Industry Has 99 Problems. And They Are…



1. The music recording is failing.  Across the board, artists are experiencing serious problems monetizing their audio releases.

2. Recording revenues have been declining for more than 10 years, and they continue to decline precipitously year-over-year.  This has dismantled the label system, once the most reliable form of artist financing.

3. Digital formats continue to grow, but not enough to overcome broader declines in physical CDs.

4. Even worse, the evolution of formats keeps pushing the value of the recording downward.  Streaming pays less than downloads; downloads paid less than CDs.  And the next thing after streaming will probably be even worse.

5. There is little evidence to suggest that this downfall is being made up by touring, merchandising, or other non-recording activities.



BMLG Announces Steven Tyler Signing to Dot Records


Pictured (L-R): Crowd Surf’s Read Davis, BMLG’s Tali Canterbury, Jimmy Harnen, John Zarling, Kris Lamb, Sandi Spika Borchetta, Laurel Kittleson, Allison Jones, Alicia Matthews, Andrew Kautz, Kelly Rich, Melanie Ainsworth, Jake Basden and Malcolm Mimms.

As previously reported, Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler has been collaborating with Big Machine Label Group on an upcoming project. Today, the label group officially announced Tyler as one of its newest artists. Tyler has inked a deal with BMLG’s Dot Records, and is working on his forthcoming country album.

“There was an immediate connection with Scott and Big Machine, and Nashville seems like the perfect segue for a solo project…and Dot Records is the right fit. My earliest influences put me somewhere between the Everly Brothers and the Carter Family and this project is all about me paying homage to my Country roots. I’ve been working with some fucking epic Nashville songwriters, getting my feet wet with their style and groove,” Tyler said.

“I have never met a more passionate human being than Steven. When he goes in, he goes all in, which is the culture of Dot Records and the Big Machine Label Group,” said BMLG President and CEO Scott Borchetta. “I truly cannot wait for the world to hear the phenomenal music that he is creating and I really feel that this chapter of his career will be among his best. He bleeds love and he bleeds music. Pinch me—it’s Steven Fkg Tyler!”

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Sony Music Claims It Overpaid ‘American Idol’ Stars By $2 Million

Carrie Underwood

On Tuesday, Sony Music filed a breach-of-contract counterclaim against 19 Recordings, the American Idol label controlled by Core Media Group which houses such stars as Kelly ClarksonCarrie Underwood and Clay Aiken.

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Taylor Swift’s ‘Style’ Hits No. 1 on Adult Pop Songs

Chart Highlights: Taylor Swift's 'Style' Hits No. 1 on Adult Pop Songs

Chart Highlights offers a sneak peek at a select group of Billboard charts every Monday. (All charts below are based on radio airplay except for Dance Club Songs, which is based on reports submitted by a panel of DJs.) Find out the top songs, Greatest Gainers and debuts on the surveys listed below.

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Controversy Over Little Big Town’s ‘Girl Crush’ & Its ‘Lesbian Theme’ Is Mostly Fabricated

Little Big Town, 2014

In an interview last fall, Little Big Town‘s Karen Fairchild used the word “provocative” to describe what is now the group’s current single, “Girl Crush.” She couldn’t have been more dead-on in describing the song about one


Adam Levine throws microphone, accidentally hits fan in the head


adam levine with mike reuters.jpg

Adam Levine apparently doesn’t do well with technically difficulties.

At his Toronto show on Monday night, the singer got frustrated when his microphone wasn’t working properly, and after he struggled to get the sound fixed, he threw the malfunctioning mic on the ground.  The moment may have gone unnoticed, except that when he threw the microphone, it bounced on the stage and into the crowd, hitting a concert-goer named Stephanie in the head.

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Miranda Lambert’s “Little Red Wagon”

Image result for miranda lambert




By: Jon Corrigan

Miranda Lambert’s “Little Red Wagon” is the latest – and arguably most fun – single off her Platinumalbum.

To go along with the song, the singer released a musicvideo this morning (March 11) and, well, it’s a lot of things.

A gorgeous Lambert, who lost a reported 45 pounds a year ago, is shown in Daisy Dukes, a red shirt, glittery cowboy boots and rocking a pair of big red sunglasses.

And even though she’s checking out the shirtless pool boy in the video, it’s clearly her who captures the most attention.




Kaiya Pelletier’s INDIE FOLK ARTIST

Kaiya Pelletier_About Photo




Imagine for a second that you’re on a road trip, traveling through the back roads of America. This isn’t just any road trip, but rather a road trip to leave the chaos of life behind for a moment and do some major soul searching. On a trip as important as this, you want music that’s powerful, soulful and full of raw emotion – something that reaches inside you and moves you to the core. That’s what Kaiya Pelletier’s music does.

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