Breanna Kennedy – “Why Can’t I Love You”

21 year old Pop / Country artist Breanna Kennedy’s debut single ” Why Can’t I Love You ” will be released this month on J.O.T.S Records. The single can best be described as a song with a powerful vocal performance , memorable lyrics / hook and a retro live band feel to it.

Breanna is a young, soulful artist originally from Salt Lake City Utah who has been keeping very busy these days. Besides traveling back and forth from Los Angeles to Nashville as a songwriter, she is constantly playing out live and recording new music.One of those songs is the emotional mid tempo gem “Why Can’t I Love You“ on itunes and online everywhere now.

This fiery young artist has been making waves in Los Angeles for the past 6 years where she has performed with some great artists including Pete Townshend of the famed band The Who.

In the coming weeks Breanna will be relocating to Nashville full time so she can focus on working with the many talented writers and producers in Music City.

” I am just so excited to be moving to a town full of so much new energy while holding on to its heritage and traditions ” says Bre as she’s called by close friends.She signed with Curvature / Kobalt music in 2013 and will now be able to work closely with the folks at Kobalt South..
Listen for ” WHY CAN’T I LOVE YOU ” at radio and available online everywhere January 2015 ….

Contact Johnny Vieira at J.V.M for more info : 310.691.4487

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Zoom Lab teams Up With Breanna Kennedy

“The Zoom iQ5 goes with me everywhere I go, it lets me capture ideas whenever and wherever I am inspired.”

Breanna Kennedy’s voice has an effortless strength to it and an enviably sexy rasp. It’s the first thing you’ll notice about her. With a chameleon-like flexibility, it’s bluesy on one song, fragile on another, and occasionally has echoes of ‘90s power-woman rock. It glides over melodies into high upper registers and then sinks down into a low hum.

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21 year old Singer Songwriter Breanna Kennedy is now encouraging fans and music lovers to contribute to her Indiegogo campaign, accuatley tittled

“Breanna Kennedy Getting Around The Gate Keepers Campaign”

Breanna is a Soulful, Indie Pop artist hailing from Salt Lake City Utah ( now residing in Los Angeles ) who’s been doing some great things

musically these past few years… Although she is currently working with some of todays top writers and producers

( Jimmy Harry, Danielle Brisebois, Rodney Jerkins, Tony Kanal of No Doubt, Billy Steinberg, Eric Berdon, Pete Townsend of the The Who and others )

Breanna along with her manager Johnny Vieira of JVM are now looking at crowfunding as one more tool to help launch this young Siren…

Recently Breanna wrote a very powerful song called “She’s Falling” about her sister who took her own life last year at only 23 years old.

The song is passionate, sad yet very inspirational for anyone who loves real music and for anyone struggling or falling through life

We encourage you to take a listen and be a part of this rare Crowd funding expereinece.

The B K project is something very special and extremely unique to say the least. link :

She’s Falling video :

Contact Johnny Vieira / JVM for more info at:

Review of She’s Falling by Breanna Kennedy

Breanna Kennedy – She’s falling

Breanna Kennedy is a song-writer and performer whose music is heartfelt and personal, deeply connected with her personal stories and experiences. Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, Breanna began to write about a tragic event in her life: the tragic departed of her sister, Destiny. Her sorrow turned into a beautiful song co-written by fellow artist Eric Berdon.

The track is titled “She’s Falling”, and it is an emotional ballad with a lot of soul, portraying the depth of the bond that only two sisters could share. Breanna is a singer with a powerful and clear voice. The striking thing is her versatility: she can be as soft and light as a feather, or as sharp as a blade, allowing her emotion to cut through the mix. The bright and organic tones of her acoustic guitar complement her vocals perfectly